Short Review: Rage (PC Game)

After having quite some fun with the sequel I decided to replay Rage, a game I had very fond memories of. At first, the enemy animations didn't look as impressive as when I originally played it and the combat didn't feel as polished or satisfying, with even the weaker enemies being more bullet-spongy than I usually like nowadays. But pretty shortly I started to get more comfortable with the shooting and, thanks to the outstanding way some of the enemies moved around and dodged you, plus the weapon variety, the action was often really entertaining (although miles away from the exceptional combat in Rage 2).

So, gameplay-wise it was almost as fun an experience as years ago but... was my favorite thing about the game, its visual design, as memorable? The answer was a rotund Yes! I still loved how it looked from the very first moment, the post-apocalyptic world and level designs id Software created seemed like a real, devastated place full of small details, interesting characters and gorgeous vistas. At the beginning, the textures caught my eye due to their low resolution for today's standards, but soon got used to it and even thought they added a unique art style to the graphics while, nevertheless, looking realistic.

In the end, it had some of the same problems I remembered, like the dull vehicle combat and the abrupt, anticlimactic ending but, overall, it was as good as I expected, still one of my favorite games.




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