ACBR Comic Book Reader: Version 2.0.0 Now Available

This is a major release that improves the old tools and adds a number of new ones to convert/resize images, extract pages, extract text (OCR)... fixes some bugs and updates the code to use the latest versions of some of the core libraries:

  • Added a dedicated menu bar section for the tools.
  • Added a tool to resize and/or convert image files to other formats.
  • Added a tool to extract the pages from comic book files to image files.
  • Added a tool to extract text (OCR) from comic book pages or image files.
  • Added more options to the convert/resize comic books tool.
  • Added more options to the create comic book tool.
  • Updated electron and other libraries to their latest versions.
  • Improved how PDFs are extracted and created. Some of the tools now have advanced options related to this.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
categories: software, acbr