Short Review: Crysis & Crysis Warhead (PC Game)

Replaying Crysis left me with some mixed feelings. On the one hand, the graphics were surprisingly good for a game of its age. On the other, the gameplay itself wasn't as engaging as I remembered, even getting boring at times.

The start was promising. Using the different suit modes to fight or avoid the Korean troops amid the beautiful jungle environment (which still looked very impressive) was enjoyable. The shooting mechanics didn't feel quite right and the helicopter AI was extremely annoying, but I was having fun for the most part. Things just started to go a bit downhill when the aliens appeared. Fighting them wasn't as interesting as the humans and the rest of the story and many of the levels were mostly underwhelming (the alien cave environment was especially tedious to transverse). It had its moments but it wasn't as good as I remembered from my first playthrough.

By contrast, its stand-alone expansion, Warhead, was a finer experience. Maybe I was just used to the way things worked by then, but I think it being shorter and more focused was the main reason the same elements seemed to fit nicer together. Also, the pace of the action was steadier and I found Psycho a more interesting character (at least compared to Nomad, who was a fairly dull protagonist). In the end, playing his side of the story was more entertaining.

Not as good as I expected but worth revisiting.




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