Short Review: Metro Redux (PC Games)

After having so much fun with Metro Exodus, I decided it was a good time to replay the previous games, but now their Redux versions as I hadn't tried those ones yet.

"2033" was a great start to the series and this updated version still looked quite impressive and moody. It wasn't perfect, as sometimes the AI was a bit lacking, the combat a little clunky and some animations, especially the mutant's, seemed too simple and stiff. But, in general, it was a tense and memorable experience that was a really good introduction to the characters and world of Metro. That said, "Last Light" was where all the pieces came perfectly together for me. Everything I liked about the first one was there and then some, and is probably the one I'll remember more fondly.

Even nowadays, playing it years after its release, I was amazed by the second game's visuals, with levels full of details, exceptional texture work, upgraded character models and animations and a greater variety of environments. Some of the exterior levels were particularly stunning, but every one of the locations I visited was carefuly crafted and made its bizarre world seem cohesive and real. And I also enjoyed the combat better, maybe I just got used to it, as I think the Redux versions share the same engine, or it was a matter of refined AI and level design... but the shooting felt improved in this one somehow.

As good as I remembered, combined they made for a decently long and exciting story, elevated by its remarkably atmospheric and good looking setting. I loved coming back to these games.




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