High Entropy: Challenges - Version 1.2.5 Now Available

Besides the usual small improvements and bug fixes, this version also includes a bunch of more significant updates, like modifications to the movement code to try to eliminate the stuttering some players were noticing and changes to the beginning and endings (especially ending B) to make them more visually unique and cohesive and add a few extra details, so they fit better with the changes I've been making so far for the story mode I'm working on.

But the most important one is a new experimental save system allowing to save the progress in a level (with some limitations). This save system is disabled by default (you can enable it from the settings>gameplay menu) as it still needs testing and future versions may make older saves incompatible if a fix requires it, but hopefully it will work fine as it is and it will only require some more testing and small bug fixes at best. Once I make sure it works fine, my plan is to make it available by default in a future update.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Added an experimental save system.
  • Made some changes to the first person movement code to eliminate the camera stuttering some players were noticing.
  • Changed the beginning and endings (especially ending B) to make them more visually unique and cohesive and add a few extra details.
  • The endings are now added to the challenges list menu once they are unlocked and can be loaded from there (unlocking ending A also unlocks level B).
  • Added the 'ls' command to the computers' OS for people that are used to it and try it on their own (won't be in the documents as 'dir' is the 'official' one).
  • When netmap identifies a device as a computer the name it prints is now in lower case, to match how other devices' names are printed.
  • Changed the soda can texture to add some high entropy branding.
  • Created a new piping system for power and gas (used for example for the fire pipes + valves and for the lights/switches/generators...) Things should behave exactly the same as before, but it will let me do more complex things in the future.
  • More tweaks to the HEL OS manuals to improve sections some players were having trouble with.
  • Made a manual for the remote access command to unlock a door and placed it in some levels, in case people forget it after the level introducing it.
  • Added a new tutorial to level 7 to let players know important documents are copied to the inventory.
  • Minor tweaks to some levels.
  • Added flags and some other minor improvements to the Mines minigame
  • FIXED: The opened door's hinge in level 12 was positioned incorrectly. Didn't matter in practice, it worked, but looked slightly bad.
categories: gamedev, high-entropy