Short Review: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (PC Game)

My initial impressions were very promising, thanks to a thrilling start followed by a couple of strong and emotional first episodes and, graphically, its improved comic-book art style, with more attractive looking models and intricate environments. As I progressed through the rest of the game, some of the plot twists were predictable and it lost a little of its momentum towards the end, but it was engaging enough the whole time.

This season was centered around a new set of characters, with Clementine in more of a secondary role, which I didn't think was a bad decision, I found them relatable and their development throughout the story interesting. Introducing a fresh perspective was a good way to create the new and exciting situations this type of game needs, while still being connected to the previous ones.

A good entry in the series, but not as memorable as the original.



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