High Entropy: Challenges - Version 1.1 Now Available

This update adds some improvements based on the feedback I received for the previous version and a few tweaks and fixes.


  • Updated the engine (Unity) to version 2019.4.6f1 LTS.
  • Created custom icon.
  • Remade the damage and detection indicators to make them less blurry.
  • Made the bot's death by explosion more dramatic.
  • Updated the enemy sound detection tutorial text in level 4, to try to explain the NPCs response to sounds a little better.
  • Added screen mode option to the settings: full, full (windowed) or windowed
  • When soda cans break a window now enemies are alerted as if the player had broken it directly (which means they'll rotate to look at the source of the sound).
  • Added collision sounds to the bot's ragdoll.
  • Level 7: moved the bot's position a little.
  • Changed the way laser tripwires are turned on and off, it was creating some confusion because turrets turned them back on when deactivating even when players had turned them off.
  • Turrets now change targets if the original hasn't been seen for a few seconds and there's another one in sight.
  • FIXED: being shot while using a computer could leave the player in a weird state in some cases (hud still in computer mode, camera in weird angle and computer still running). There may be still some corner cases left to fix.
  • FIXED: player could climb over NPCs.
  • FIXED: the death sound for the walking turrets' legs had been accidentally disabled.
  • FIXED: turrets could detect enemies while turning off (could leave it that way, but seems more intuitive not to).
  • FIXED: dead walking turrets' legs could block the path for other NPCs.
categories: gamedev, high-entropy