High Entropy: Challenges - Version 1.0 Now Available

No more test builds, "High Entropy: Challenges" has now reached version 1.0 and is officially released. I've fixed a good number of bugs, polished the visuals a little, improved the menus... Here are some screenshots, the new trailer and the changelog:


  • Improved some of the visuals in the levels, added more objects...
  • Settings menu: added more options to the graphics section (ssao, shadows quality and textures quality).
  • Settings menu: some keys can now be rebinded in the controls section.
  • Settings menu: language can now be changed in the language section (english and spanish available in this version).
  • Grabbed objects now don't make sounds (and alert enemies nearby) on collisions
  • Hands can now be equipped even after getting the wrench (some people seem to like selecting them so there's nothing blocking their view when exploring).
  • Added climb HUD prompt.
  • Increased the time the inner dialogues stay on screen.
  • Level 3: added more light to the vents area.
  • FIXED: windows that were loaded broken were not showing any glass shards around the edges in some cases.
  • FIXED: the HUD wasn't correctly showing after being hit while using a computer in some cases.
  • FIXED: read.exe was not able to open .eml files.
  • FIXED: whoami command was not printing the right info.
  • FIXED: Computer CLI: strings containing '\n', like the path 'c:\system\net' were printed in the cli with \n interpreted as a line break...
  • FIXED: after detecting the player, bots weren't stating moving right away (only after the player moved).
  • FIXED: breakable crate pieces were blocking bullets and melee when they shouldn't.
  • FIXED: assault rifle's icon was missing
  • FIXED: there was a space missing in the basic commands manual's reference for "cd .." (typing "cd.." in a computer as it said before gives, as expected, an error)
  • FIXED: the sentry camera in levels 12 & 13 could be avoided by going just beneath it... That should not be possible, so now there's an obstacle just beneath the camera to block that path.
  • FIXED: player's eye level was slightly different after crouching and going back to standing up.
  • FIXED: a connected gamepad could make the camera go crazy
  • FIXED: interactive panel was not showing ESC prompt
  • FIXED: the camera was jumping into its initial position once the challenges ending 1 was already started.
  • FIXED: the exploding barrel's bottom was blowing up (it should stay put)
  • FIXED: sentry camera was sometimes not detecting the player when it should
  • FIXED: inventory could be opened before the scene was finished loading and control was given to the player
categories: gamedev, high-entropy