Short Review: Far Cry 5 (PC Game)

Far Cry is one of my favorite series and this entry didn't disappoint me, it doesn't change the core gameplay of the previous games that much, which for me is a good thing as I really enjoy it, but adds a few tweaks to try to improve it. In general, I think it was a good enough step forward for those like me that wanted mostly more of the same in a different setting.

The shooting mechanics are as solid as always and Hope County is a great looking place, I had a lot of fun just exploring its beautiful scenery. The first person view and how seamless the transitions between walking and driving are implemented in this series make them my most-liked games when it comes to just driving around with the different vehicles you can find around the map, I always find it very immersive, and some new things like fishing, having to talk to people to discover new missions and finding the hidden stash locations are interesting additions to the open world. I also enjoyed the new companions system, having up to two AI friends, some of them quite peculiar, to help you and follow you around made the world a little more lively (although the constant repetition of some of their dialogue lines ruined the experience a little).

On the not so great side of things is the story and most of the main story missions. Seems like a lost opportunity, the setting had a lot of potential but the end result is dull and uninspired. That said, the rest of the missions are usually quite enjoyable, similar to the ones in the other games, and there are enough to keep you busy for a good chunk of time. Apart from that, I miss having to get specific animal skins to craft upgrades, now you just sell the skins to get money and there's a skill tree that uses perk points... it's a fine upgrade system, but makes hunting less vital and made me not care so much about finding the different species.



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