High Entropy: Test Build 0.2.0 Now Available

This update adds 3 new challenge levels (8, 9 and 10). There are also some fixes, tweaks to the NPC enemy detection code (needs some more testing and probably adjustments), new gameplay elements like a scissor lift, ladders... here are some screenshots and the full changelog:


  • Added 3 new challenges (8, 9 & 10).
  • Added an interactive scissor lift.
  • Sentry Turrets: modified to improve enemy detection (now it has a detection meter like the bots) and network access. Also, now when a turret is woken up it doesn't go to sleep on its own, it goes to scanning mode if the target is gone.
  • Challenge 4: some changes to adapt it to the new Turret's behaviour (my solution to get a 100% score needs now an extra step).
  • Redid the doors to make adding new variations easier in the future, hopefully didn't break anything (had to tweak all the doors in the levels and reenter some values).
  • Security cameras: rewrote part of the code and added a raycast check to make the player detection more accurate/realistic. Still a little janky in some extreme cases but good enough for now. Also, the alarm sound now propagates and NPCs can hear it.
  • Added player footstep sound  propagation, a footstep plays a sound and now also checks a small area around it to for NPCs to alert, bigger when running.  Moving while crouched makes no sound (needs some tweaking and testing, is it worth it?).
  • Added working ladders.
  • Added composite objective (you have to achieve at least one of the sub-objectives to be successful).
  • Added 'pickable' handwheels to use with the pipe's valve.
  • The tutorials' window can now be closed using 'E'.
  • FIXED: HELOS: if a disk was inserted before turning a computer on for the first time, it broke (the path was malformed and the prompt was > instead of c:> and dir and other commands gave an error).
  • FIXED: run key now does nothing when crouched.
  • FIXED: turret bullet tracers were broken at some point and weren't visible (I hadn't noticed until now), they work again.
categories: gamedev, high-entropy