Short Review: Alien: Isolation (PC Game)

A game that oozes tension and atmosphere. The art, sounds and overall recreation of Alien's retro futuristic universe are amazing and add a lot to the immersion, making you want to explore every nook and cranny but constantly afraid of encountering the imposing Alien or some of the creepy androids that wander around.

I was close to finding the survival/stealth core of the gameplay a little too repetitive a few times during my playthrough and, as good as they look, most of the areas of the station started to feel too similar after a while... but the pacing is very well thought out, alternating the different types of enemies and situations, limited in number as they are, at the right moments and adding a few unique looking places from time to time, so I never really reached a point where that repetitiveness lessened the experience. Really worth playing if you are a fan of the movie and/or this type of games.



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