Handoru Island: Current Build, Plans and Other Projects

I have some things about the overall design of the game, the gameplay-loop and progression, I'm undecided about and need to think over, so I'm going to leave the current test build available for a while, and hopefully get a little more feedback about it (one of the main reasons for sharing these public test versions here is getting feedback about them, their performance and hardware they run or not on... but very few people have left messages in the forums so far compared to the amount of downloads).

Also, in the last few weeks, I've switched most of my dev time to my other game project, High Entropy. I've restarted it for the nth time and, although it's still very early on, it's starting to take shape quite nicely. Hopefully, what I'm learning creating Handoru Island, and my experience from previous attempts, will help me make things more to my liking this time (I was never happy with what I made in the past). My idea is making an page for it and share test builds like I'm doing with this one, maybe start just with a devlog to upload videos... but we'll see.

Update: I've started sharing test builds of High Entropy here:

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