Short Review: SOMA (PC Game)

A really well crafted experience: the visuals perfectly match the sci-fi setting and intriguing story and the sound design is top notch, full of ambient noises that add a lot of believability and often unsettle you while you are distracted looking around the remarkably designed levels, which many times reminded me of some of my favorite game worlds like Doom 3 or Bioshock, a mix of technology and industrial, metallic parts with water and organic elements (I especially liked the sections where you have to move underwater, loved their murky and otherworldly atmosphere).

The seamless way you can interact with many of the objects in the environments, even if it's just to throw or move some of them around, is very immersive and, to give a little variety to the gameplay, there are some puzzles and a few enemies you have to avoid (there's no combat at all), but not too many, just enough to add the right amount of tension to the exploration, which is what you spend most of the time doing (and my favorite part, examining every detail of its carefully designed world has been great). An amazing game, engaging from start to end.



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