Short Review: Full Throttle Remastered (PC Game)

As I was afraid from what I remembered of the original's reviews (despite loving Lucasarts graphic adventures I decided not to get this one back in the day) I didn't like Full Throttle as much as I hoped. The remastered visuals are great, very similar to what they did with Day of the Tentacle (being faithful enough to the original style while making things more defined) but it's too short, I didn't like most of the puzzles that much and the action minigames mostly just annoyed me. The main character and biker thematic are very promising at first and give the game a unique personality, but the plot is too simple and the characters you meet and places you visit are few and a little dull. Maybe I was expecting too much, but for me it's been entertaining but disappointing, especially for a Lucasarts adventure.



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