Handoru Island: Test Build 0.2.2 Now Available

I've started fleshing out the area north of the first bridge. There are unfinished parts and I haven't added anything to do there gameplay-wise yet, but you can explore it to see how the environment is shaping up. I also improved the swimming code to allow the character to go from walking to swimming and viceversa, and added new particles, it may need some tweaking but it works and I think looks better. You can check the full changelog below.


  • (FIX) Base Info in HUD not going away after entering and leaving the caravan.
  • Added Terrain object to start testing additional ways to shape the island and add more variety.
  • Started experimenting with a splines asset I bought some time ago, to extrude meshes and create roads with more curves. I've extended my editor tools to make use of those splines and add the needed nodes for the cars to use the road sections made that way.
  • Started fleshing out the area of the map north of the first bridge, the desert/mountains road is totally revamped.
  • Extended the swimming code to be able to transition seamlessly from water to ground and viceversa and added new particles for the water ripples and splashes. (May need a little more polishing and testing).
  • Added some rim lighting and new particles to the gold coin and diamond pickups and reduced the amount of money they give.
categories: gamedev, handoru-island