Handoru Island: Test Build 0.2.0 Now Available

This test build keeps the content already in the previous versions for further testing but, besides some fixes and small changes, adds the new loading/unloading jobs and a forklift to do them. Those jobs will be the main focus of the 0.2.x builds and the thing I'm looking for feedback about the most, but I've changed a good amount of small things so maybe I've broken something about the old stuff, if you see something that has stopped working let me know.

You can check the Current State, Roadmap and Known Bugs topic to know more about the current state of the game.

Bug fixes and changes:

  • Forklift test jobs and vehicle added.
  • Modified starting area (Vinny's Trucking Company).
  • Dialogue UI and code improvements.
  • Job Selection UI improvements.
  • Added back the minimap health bars for character and vehicles (need some more work).
  • Redid the code for the HUD and miinimap target markers to make it more reusable.
  • Added experimental first person driving camera (only working with the forklift for now and has some bugs).
  • Updated the engine (Unity) to version 2018.2.3f1.
  • (FIX): wheels no longer rotate when the vehicle is not moving (needs more testing to check if really fixed).
  • (FIX): The UIs for the "auto upgrade" and the "clothing store" are working again with mouse input (I had broken them at some point but hadn't noticed).
categories: gamedev, handoru-island