Short Review: The Wolf Among Us (PC Game)

I was not familiar with the source material, but I found the "Fables" world quite intriguing from the start, aided by the attractive comic-book art style and camera work. I really liked the setting, more than I thought I would, and the crime noir story kept me engaged the whole time.

It's a pity Telltale stopped making more traditional graphic adventures, the gameplay of the type of games they make nowadays is very bare-bones and limited, mainly dialogue choices (usually the most interesting part), a small number of brief areas you can explore (with a very restricted number of interactions available) and action sequences based on quick time events that, at least with keyboard and mouse, don't feel that great to control (frequently making them more annoying than fun). That said, their games are usually entertaining and sometimes, like in this case, the stories, characters and visuals make them really worthwhile.



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