Handoru Island: Test Build 0.1.0 Now Available

Just created a page on to start sharing test builds of the game while I make it. I’ve made many changes in the last few days, trying to get it ready as soon as possible, so for this one I’m mostly interested in just knowning if it runs, if things more or less work as expected and if there are any major bugs…

In this build, there’s a ‘career mode’ where you can walk around or drive the one car you’ll own from the start, talk to Vinny to start some test jobs (4 or 5 hand-designed trailer deliveries and infinite randomly generated crates deliveries), get inside some buildings and play some elarly versions of minigames like chess or an arcade game… and basically explore a chunk of the game’s island. There is also a ‘challenges’ section that currently just has a couple test examples.

categories: gamedev, handoru-island