Short Review: The Crew (PC Game)

I had no interest in the multiplayer aspects of this game, but had been wanting to try the single player campaign for some time (although you still have to be online to play it, which is nonsense). After checking that my cheap wheel controller works with it and there's a cockpit view, which is the one I like best, I decided to give it a go and, after the 29 hours or so that took me to finish the story missions, I'm very glad I did: The Crew is now one of my favorite driving games.

The plot and characters are quite unoriginal and generic, but well presented and decent enough to motivate you to win races and improve your cars to progress through the story. Driving the vehicles is always fun and they behave differently depending on the type of car and terrain, so you have to adapt to the situation. The missions are varied and enjoyable, easy in general and challenging at times but never frustrating (except for the crates missions, I didn't like those ones that much and found one of them quite annoying, luckily there are only a few of them).

But the best thing about the game is the map. The drivable version of the United States they created for it is huge, good looking and fun to explore. The enormous number of places and varied environments you can visit is amazing, an incredible technical and artistic achievement.



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