Short Review: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC Game)

I love the version of Prague they created for this game, it's a great looking and believable mix of near-future technology with modern and old architecture that is a joy just to walk around. A great improvement from what I recall of the previous game's environments.

When it comes to the gameplay, it's quite similar to "Human Revolution", mostly a refinement of the mechanics, which is totally fine with me because I really liked that one. I enjoyed a lot taking a non lethal approach with this one, looking for vents to go around security guards, hacking everything I saw... the freedom to choose how you face the missions is still one of my favorite things about these games.

The story is good in general, especially some of the more intriguing side missions, and the futuristic world and characters they've built around it are convincing and interesting; but it's clear that a sequel was/is planned, leaving some parts of the story unresolved when you reach the end... my only complaint about the game is that, as much as I enjoyed my time playing it, part of me felt that the ending was a little bit abrupt and unsatisfying.




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