City Project - Work in progress video 13: Chassis reflectivity

I'm making some tests to reflect an environment map on the cars' chassis to make them look more real and shiny. Right now the whole chassis reflects the same amount but to make it right the different parts (windshields, plate, hood...) should have different properties. Besides that I think it looks nice.

The only problem is the meshes of most of the car models I have aren't too smooth and you can see the edges of the polygons they are made of, even more clearly now than before (the video's compression hides this a lot and makes the effect look better, but you can still see it, especially on the police car and the taxi). I can't afford to buy/make better cars now, so I'll have to make do with this ones, maybe I can change how I render them somehow to make them look better. EDIT: fixed it
categories: gamedev, city-project