Short Review: Risen (PC Game)

Like other games made by Piranha, Risen requires patience at the start: you have problems fighting even the weakest enemies and the combat feels clunky but, if you persevere, leveling up and slowly being able to fight those enemies that used to give you a hard time is very rewarding. The world still is quite beautiful graphically which, added to the thrill of not knowing when you are getting into an area full of enemies too powerful for you, probably made exploring every inch of the map my favorite part of the game.

I've had tons of fun during the 35 or so hours I've played but I still haven't finished the game and sadly I'm not sure I will, even despite the fact that I already consider it one of my favorite RPGs. The last chapter is getting quite tedious, having to fight lots of tough enemies that take me quite long to beat in uninteresting areas of the map, mostly caves and ruins, just to fetch some items needed to reach the end... maybe I haven't upgraded my character enough, but I'm not enjoying this last part that much compared to the rest and, now that I've finished most of the quests and visited all the places that looked interesting, I'm already eager to start Risen 2.



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